Innovating for Growth - £10,000 Business Support for London SMEs

Published: 17 July 2018 by KTN
Business advice, mentoring and support for London-based SMEs that have plans for growth into new markets, a desire to launch a new product or implement a new process. The Innovating for Growth initiative has been set up to support London-based SMEs that have plans for growth. The programme offers -to-face customised support from business experts and professionals, combined with practical workshops. It can help businesses to grow into a new market, launch a new product or implement a new process. Assistance is delivered in the form of expert advice and support on business strategy and sustainability, branding, intellectual property, product development and market exposure. A package of advice and support worth £10,000 is available for each business the initiative supports. Those applicants who are successful will get tailored advice on: developing a growth strategy; refining a business model; product and service innovation; creating a marketing strategy; building a brand; maximising intellectual property; and business and market intelligence. The scheme is open to innovative London-based small and medium-sized businesses that have clear plans for growth. Businesses must be trading in a London Borough and have proven sales.
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