Food scraps could be turned into environmentally friendly plasti

Published: 05 December 2018 by KTN
  • National Funding

UK to lead the world in development of sustainable packaging thanks to new government funding.


UK to lead the world in development of sustainable packaging thanks to up to £60 million of new government funding, including food scraps potentially being transformed into environmentally-friendly plastic bags and cups

smart labels on packaging could end confusion over what rubbish goes in which recycling bin and sustainable packaging with a living sell-by-date could show consumers when food is going off to reduce food waste

new bioeconomy sector strategy and world-leading standards to help boost the bioeconomy as we move to a greener, cleaner economy – part of our modern Industrial Strategy launched almost a year ago

Household food scraps could be transformed into environmentally-friendly plastic bags and cups, thanks to up to £60 million of new government funding.

Innovators are being challenged to make the UK a world-leader in creating sustainable packaging and reduce the impact of harmful plastics on the environment, as the UK seizes the economic opportunity of the global shift to greener, cleaner economies – a key part of the Government’s modern Industrial Strategy.

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