Workshop: Embracing Food Innovation

Published: 03 October 2017 by KTN

Date: 17 October 2017 to 24 October 2017

Location: Sheffield Hallam University - City Campus Howard Street Sheffield S1 1WB

  • Food & Drink

2 DAY WORKSHOP: EMBRACING FOOD INNOVATION - Implementing the Minimally Processed and More Functional Approach
Driven by the more exigent demands of ever more food aware and health conscious consumers, the food industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in how it creates, processes and delivers products to consumers. Consumers want natural and healthier food choices but still tasty products and where possible, products that can satisfy personal requirements.
This arising trend presents companies with numerous opportunities to boost innovation and productivity growth by reformulating or creating foods with excellent quality. However, this brings several challenges in terms of finding the right ingredients, labelling foods and using the right technologies and processes.

Day one (17/10/17 10am - 4pm) will address topics around the design and formulation of functional foods, including emerging processing technologies to provide new functionality in foods, extraction of ingredients from food waste and clean ingredients.
Day two (24/10/17 10am - 4pm) will be an introduction to the basic principles of sensory evaluation methods and practical considerations for their application in food and drink, especially in the development of new products. It will also cover nutritional analysis and labelling, food legislation and food claims.

Run by the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering, this two day workshop is an opportunity for Sheffield city region SME's to review their product development process and consider technical opportunities. It will provide food companies with useful technological know-how, applicable to the reformulation or design of healthy foods as well as how to capture consumer feedback. The sessions are of relevance to managers and staff involved in engineering, operation and new product development, who wish to build their knowledge in emerging strategies for food innovation.

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