Quantum Technologies for Robotics

Published: 17 November 2017 by KTN

Date: 13 December 2017

Location: Birmingham Research Park, B15 2SQ

  • agritech

A networking workshop for Quantum and RAI communities to explore how they can work together to help their technologies thrive
Quantum technologies have matured significantly in the last few years such that sensors can see through and around objects, navigation without GPS is possible and communications can be made securer than ever before. A number of Quantum Technologies now exist that can help solve some of the challenges Robotics and AI (RAI) systems face in environments from marine through energy to space applications.
The £400m UK Quantum Programme is the largest public investment ever made in the UK in a disruptive technology, and was established to commercialise quantum science and create a £1billion UK market. Many of these quantum effects have been known to science for decades, but can only now be exploited because technology has advanced far enough for practical application.
These include:
Imaging – imaging outside of the visible spectrum, low source intensity (single photon) detection, enabling imaging through turbid media and around corners.
Sensing – using fluctuations in magnetic and gravitational fields to provide accurate geophysical surveys and inspection.
Navigation – exquisitely sensitive gyros and accelerometers with negligible drift rates for inertial navigation systems where there is no GPS signal.
Sectors as diverse as Agriculture, Offshore Energy, Mining, Nuclear Energy and Space are turning to RAI to help meet labour shortages, remove people from dangerous situations, improve the accuracy and repeatability of repetitive tasks or to provide a localised physical intelligence where previously operations were conducted remotely. These quantum technologies, imaging, sensing and navigation, are essential components to RAI systems, especially in situations where light or GPS is denied.
A two-way dialogue between the Quantum and RAI communities is essential for the commercial exploitation of both sets of enabling technologies to be successful. This networking workshop will bring together the Quantum and RAI communities in order to help better understand the opportunities and solutions provided by the maturing capabilities in both sectors.

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