Protein for life project launch

Published: 13 July 2017 by KTN

Date: 19 July 2017


  • Food & Drink
  • Workshop

Protein for Life is funded by the Research Councils UK's ‘Priming Food Partnerships’ initiative which is supported by four councils: BBSRC, MRC, EPSRC and ESRC. The initiative supports pre–competitive research, with the ultimate aim of stimulating innovative research and technological advances of relevance to the food industry.

The aim of our research is to take a number of different approaches to ultimately develop and disseminate guidelines to the food industry for the formulation of palatable higher–protein foods specifically for an ageing population. This information will then be used to provide the food industry with a set of ‘design rules’ for new products.

Come along to this free event to:
Hear first hand about some of the latest research in nutrition and health
Network with key researchers in these fields
Participate in round table discussions to input and feedback on work packages

Maintenance of good health across the life–course represents a key challenge. At the interface between food and nutrition offsetting the declining intake of protein across mid and older age is essential to maintenance of high musculoskeletal functioning. The industry could capitalise on a significant and growing market if adequate and empirical information could be collated to yield a roadmap / rule–set for formulation.

Our research question is: How do we maintain a healthy protein intake in an ageing population?

Our aim is: To develop and to disseminate a set of design rules for formulation of palatable higher–protein foods.

Objectives: How do we maintain a healthy protein intake in an ageing population?
1.    To develop a multi–disciplinary evidence–base around protein intake and decision making in older adults
2.    To identify design constraints for academic and industry partners
3.    To use outcomes from objective 1 to yield a set of design rules for higher–protein products
4.    To formulate and trial an exemplar product based on the design rules
5.    To disseminate our findings to key stakeholders; to develop a more general roadmap informed product development


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