Five times food fights have had an impact on trade talks

Published: 27 July 2017 by KTN
  • Saul and Vazquez Consulting
Trade talks, tense affairs at the best of times, often get particularly sticky when it comes to food. When the UK starts to negotiate new trade deals as it leaves the EU in 2019, food will be one of many areas that will need to be addressed. The ongoing spat over chlorine chicken highlights how tastes and safety practices around the world can differ hugely. What might seem normal practice in one country can seem problematic elsewhere. In the US, it is legal to wash chicken carcasses in chlorinated water to kill germs - but this has been banned in the EU since 1997. UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said the UK should not allow these imports in a post-Brexit trade deal with the US, but Trade Secretary Liam Fox says the practice is "perfectly safe". Anthony Scaramucci, US president Donald Trump's new communications director, told BBC Newsnight that there would "100%" be a trade deal between his country and the UK - although he confessed he had no idea what was happening about chlorinated chicken. Read more by clicking on link
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