CAP - 2018 Support for Information Measures Call Open

Published: 11 October 2017 by KTN
  • agriculture
Common Agricultural Policy - 2018 Support for Information Measures Call Open A new Call for Proposals has been launched for Support for Information Measures Relating to the Common Agricultural Policy. This is an annual Call that supports information measures relating to the CAP that aims, in particular to: - Help explain, implement and develop the CAP and to raise public awareness of its content and objectives. - Inform farmers and other parties active in rural areas. - Promote the European model of agriculture, as well as to help citizens understand it. The target public for the 2018 Call is the general public (in particular young people in urban areas) and/or farmers and other parties active in rural areas, specifically the following: - School children, teachers and university students: Novel approaches should be used to engage with young people and raise their awareness of the CAP and the contribution that it makes in many areas such as the climate change challenge, food, healthy and high quality eating as a lifestyle choice, in relation also with the new EU School Scheme for Milk, Fruit and Vegetables which entered into force from 1 August 2017. - General public: The focus of information on the CAP would put greater emphasis on addressing the (mis-) perceptions of European agriculture and the role of farming in society instead of the policy content. There needs to be also greater understanding of the enormous contribution the EU agri food sector provides to the wider EU economy. - Stakeholders: It should be ensured that there is greater awareness of the contribution that the CAP makes to the support of economic growth of rural areas, especially SMEs. The contribution that is made through the Rural Development programmes should be promoted, through which the EU is investing almost EUR 100 billion in the period 2014-2020 for the development of European rural areas. It will also be emphasised the support provided for sustainable production practices and other measures that will help to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The total budget available is €4 million. Grants of up to €500,000 are available for up to 60% of direct costs. This Call concerns requests for grants to implement measures between 1 May 2018 and 30 April 2019. Eligible applicants must be established in an EU Member State and include non-profit organisations (private or public), public authorities (national, regional, local), European associations, universities, educational institutions, research centres, and companies (eg communication media companies). The deadline for the submission of applications is 15 December 2017.
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