£250,000 to Promote Skills in Valleys' Food Sector

Published: 30 October 2017 by KTN
  • regional funding
Welsh Government Announces £250,000 to Promote Skills in Valleys' Food Sector A new quarter million pound initiative, which aims to improve the skills of people working within the South Wales Valleys’ food industry and raise the profile of careers within the sector, has been announced by Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths. The Cabinet Secretary has confirmed there will be £250,000 of funding to run two pilot projects, working with the Welsh Government’s Valleys Taskforce. The Welsh Government Valleys Initiative will centre around two key areas for the food industry. Focusing on the South Wales Valleys, the first will provide funding to allow for up-skilling of the workforce, helping to turn those already in the industry into technicians. The second will work with local communities and businesses to help raise the profile and attractiveness of careers within the industry. The Cabinet Secretary said: “Our Food and Drink industry is one of Wales’ largest business sectors and a Welsh success story. Over 222,000 people are employed within the whole supply chain and in 2016 we exported £337 million; around 20% growth on the previous year. “We cannot, though, ignore the issues facing the sector. Brexit, for example, is not just a challenge in terms of the security of our supply chains and ability to export, it also presents a threat to the stability of our workforce. “I want to ensure the momentum the industry has generated is maintained in the years to come. Through the Welsh Government Valleys Initiative, which I am announcing today, I want to encourage young people to consider the food sector as a fulfilling career, reduce our reliance on migrant labour and, in turn, ensure Wales’ food and drink industry is ready for the challenges ahead.”
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